Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Richard Rorty Scholarship 2012

Call for the Richard Rorty Scholarship 2012

Instituto Franklin – UAH calls for the fourth edition of the Richard Rorty Scholarship, devoted to PhD candidates and PhD holders interested in researching on History of North American Philosophical thoughts.

Aside from its scope of
1,600 for room and board, material, etc., Instituto Franklin provides an adequate space in its building to be used during 15 days of July or the first two weeks of September 2012.

The application period ends on March 14th, 2012. A commission designated by Instituto Franklin will study the proposals and evaluate them. The recipient will be informed by e-mail and announced in the Institute’s web page.

For further information please contact Olga Villegas: olga.villegas [at] institutofranklin.net
or click here.

Please forward this information to those who might be interested.


Reproduced with permission from the European Association of American Studies.

Screening America: Film and Television in the 21st Century


Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria


The Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association (SSASA) is organizing a four day symposium on American film and television, to be held at the Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, from November 15-19, 2012. All activities will take place at the historic Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria, and the adjacent Meierhof. The symposium is open to individuals working or interested in areas related to the topic. The symposium will focus on developments in American film and television since the turn of the millennium and the way they reflect and communicate messages and images about varied aspects of life and culture.

As we edge further into the 21st century there have been notable changes in the modern media and particularly in the film and television industries. The symposium will concern itself both with these changes and with the ways in which film and television have reflected and engaged with America and abroad. In the cinema, the documentary has become a significant force while television, partly as a result of cable -- particularly HBO and AMC, but also through a network such as NBC -- has attracted major talents from the theatre and the novel to produce genre series which compare favorably to any of world television. Why and how has this come about? Has this had any impact on mainstream television or movies? How has it affected the perception of America around the world?

In addition to sessions related to and the impact of films and television on individuals, our sessions will also explore the institutional effect of films and television on the arts, technology and politics of the United States and ultimately their relation to the perception of America abroad. We will examine the global politics of film making since Hollywood films are part of this modern global system, asking what film and television tell us about the new century, and the American political system. Discussions will include the impact of new technologies and the impact of new methods of film making and distribution.

As print journalism declines, television news falls prey to ideologues, and the blogger assumes an equal authority to the trained professional, where will we turn for our understanding of a changing world? Do we need to concern ourselves, as once we did, with the impact that American film and television products have on local media industries and people around the world?

For further information about becoming a symposium participant, please contact symposium director Ms. Marty Gecek mgecek@SalzburgGlobal.org. See also


Ron Clifton (Chair) - Retired Counselor, Senior Foreign Service of the United States; teaching, lecture and research interests include analysis of the perception, reaction and impact of American culture abroad and the implications for cultural diplomacy and foreign policy.

Melis Behlil - Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, Kadir Has University, Istanbul; member of steering committee, European Network of Cinema and Media Studies; research interests include production studies, Hollywood, and globalization

Christopher Bigsby - Professor of American Studies and director of the Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies, University of East Anglia, UK; broadcaster and award-winning novelist and biographer; currently writing a book on American television drama.

Christof Decker - Professor of American and Media Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich; editor and author of Visuelle Kulturen der USA/Visual Cultures of the USA (2010)

Lary May - Professor of American Studies and History, University of Minnesota; current project: "Foreign Affairs: Global Hollywood and America's Cultural Wars

Toby Miller - (Keynote Speaker) Professor and Chair, Media & Cultural Studies, University of California Riverside; Author, Global Hollywood 2(2005), Makeover Nation (2008), and Greening the Media (2012)

Richard Pells - Professor of History Emeritus, University of Texas at Austin; author of "Modernist America: Art, Music, Movies, and the Globalization of American Culture"(2011)

William Uricchio - Professor and Director, MIT Comparative Media Studies Programs; Professor of Comparative Media History, Utrecht University; currently working on the history of the televisual and on algorithms as cultural form


Reproduced with permission from the European Association of American Studies.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The EXPLORE Initiative

The NUI Galway American Studies Forum is delighted to announce that we have been approved for funding from the Students' Union EXPLORE Initiative. 

EXPLORE promotes projects joint-organised by staff and students. We feel our ethos perfectly reflects this, as our goal is to bring together research students and working academics in a regular forum. 

We are very proud to be considered an innovative project worthy of this accolade.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BAAS Annual Conference

Registration is open for the British Association of American Studies annual conference, to run from 12 - 15 April, 2012, at the University of Manchester.

Plenary Speakers:
Joyce Chaplin, James Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American History at Harvard University 
Thomas Doherty, Professor of American Studies at Brandeis University
Peter Coates, Professor of American and Environmental History at Bristol University

There is no over-arching theme to the conference, and the date for submission of papers has passed. The organisers did outline that they were especially looking forward to "receiving approaches from those with interests in Sino-American and Canadian-American cultural, economic, and diplomatic relations this year as well as interests in commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812."

For more information see the BAAS Website or contact the conference organiser Ian Scott:  ian.s.scott@manchester.ac.uk

Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome to the Galway American Studies Forum

The idea of the project is to allow American Studies post-graduate researchers and academics to come together and explore the inter-disciplinary nature of the field to its full potential. We believe that an outlet that encourages post-graduate students and academics to network on a regular basis will enrich the postgraduate experience, and encourage researchers to avail of expertise in different departments. We hope to bring in regular speakers of interest to researchers across the field, for example from the Fullbright Commission and postgraduate representatives from the Irish and British Associations of American Studies. Furthermore students will be encouraged to present their research regularly in a supportive forum for feedback and encouragement.

If you are interested in becoming involved, or wish to be added to our mailing list and notified of events, please email rosemarydgallagher@gmail.com