Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CFP EXTENSION: Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference

University College Cork, Ireland,
July 9-12, 2012

The Chairman of the TSA, Prof Alan Dobson (University of Dundee and St. Andrews University) and Professor David Ryan (UCC) would like to extend an invitation to the 2012 Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference.

Our outstanding 2012 plenary guests are:
  • Professor Constance Post (Iowa State University)
    "Particles, Waves, and Fields:  Momentum and the Transatlantic Turn in Literary and Cultural Studies"
  • Professor Fredrik Logevall (Cornell University)
    ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams: France and America in Vietnam’
Panel proposals and individual papers are welcome for any of the general or sub-panels. A 300 word abstract of proposal and brief CV to panel leaders or to Alan Dobson a.p.dobson@dundee.ac.uk and David Ryan david.ryan@ucc.ie  by 31 May 2012.

The general panels, subpanels and panel leaders for 2012 are:

  1. Literature and Culture: Constance Post, cjpost@iastate.edu and Louise Walsh walsh.lou@gmail.com
  2. The War of 1812 and Transatlantic Affairs: A Two Hundred Year Commemoration in 2012, Simon Rofe, jsr13@leicester.ac.uk, simon.rofe@soas.ac.uk, Constance Post, cjpost@iastate.edu, Michael Cullinane, Michael.cullinane@northumbria.ac.uk 
  3.  Economics: Fiona Venn vennf@essex.ac.uk, Jeff Engel jengel@bushschool.tamu.edu and Joe McKinney joe_mckinney@baylor.edu
  4. History, Security Studies and IR: Alan Dobson a.p.dobson@dundee.ac.uk and David Ryan david.ryan@ucc.ie
    • Democracy Promotion and Nation Building In and After the Cold War: The Transatlantic Experience: Annick Cizel annick.cizel@univ-paris3.fr and Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer alexandra.dehoopscheffer@sciences-po.org
    • NATO: Ellen Hallams, EHallams.jscsc@defenceacademy.mod.uk Luca Ratti ratti@uniroma3.it, and Ben, Zyla, ben.zyla@gmail.com
    • Ethnicity and security in the transatlantic world: David Haglund david.haglund@queensu.ca
    • Diplomats at War: The American Experience Simon Rofe jsimonrofe@le.ac.uk or simon.rofe@soas.ac.uk and Andrew Stewart AStewart.jscsc@defenceacademy.mod.uk
    • Anglo-American Relations (papers dealing with the period 1914-1963 are particularly welcome): Steve Marsh marshsi@cardiff.ac.uk Charlie Whitham Whitham, cwhitham@uwic.ac.uk  and Gaynor Johnson G.Johnson@salford.ac.uk
    • Transatlantic Relations during the Second World War: Tom Mills t.c.mills@lancaster.ac.uk and Gavin Bailey g.j.bailey@dundee.ac.uk
    • Crossing the Water: Maritime Trade, Warfare, and Politics: John Borgonovo, J.Borgonovo@ucc.ie
    • Transatlantic diplomatic trends in the twentieth century and Statecraft and diplomacy: : Gaynor Johnson G.Johnson@salford.ac.uk
    • Regional Conflicts and Transatlantic Relations from Vietnam to Libya: David Ryan david.ryan@ucc.ie
  5. Planning, Regeneration and the Environment: Antonia Sagredo, asagredo@flog.uned.es and Tony Jackson a.a.jackson@dundee.ac.uk 

The Donald Cameron Watt Prize

To be awarded annually by the Transatlantic Studies Association for the best paper at its annual conference by an early career scholar. Judging will be based solely on the written versions of the papers submitted, which may not necessarily be the delivery versions. Entries should be submitted by 31 May, preceding the annual conference in July. This is the final deadline and no late entries can be accepted. The full version of the paper must be submitted by this date. The delivery of the paper is not part of the assessment but candidates for the award must attend and deliver the paper at the conference. 
The prize for the best paper will be awarded at the conference dinner. In addition, the paper will automatically be sent out for refereeing for publication in the Journal of Transatlantic Studies providing that it has not been submitted elsewhere.
Sum £250
Early career scholar is defined as: a PhD student; anyone within 3 years of having been awarded a PhD; anyone who has a full-time appointment at a recognised higher education institution, but has not held the post for more than 3 years and does not fall into the doctoral category.
Papers should be submitted to Gaynor Johnson g.johnson@salford.ac.uk on or before 31 May 2012 for the annual conference in July 2012
Scottish Charity Regulator: TSA Charity Number SC039378

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