Friday, September 28, 2012

American Literary History presents a Special Issue: Writing the Presidency

Editors: Stephanie Li and Gordon Hutner

About this issue

The essays contained in this ALH forum on "Writing the Presidency" detail a long tradition of writings by and about US presidents, analyzing how the rhetoric surrounding presidential writing signifies in its immediate political moment, and subsequently how such texts seek to define American patriotism and leadership. Taking up multiple and diverse methodologies, questions, and subjects, the authors gathered here demonstrate how presidents and presidential candidates help construct our national ideals.

Three of the articles from this Special Issue have been made FREE until the end of November.

There Were Two Gerald Fords: John Hersey and Richard Reeves Profile a President
James L. Baughman

Reagan and the Rise of the Blockbuster Political Memoir
Craig Fehrman

The Parallel Lives of Bill Clinton
Stephanie Li

Additional articles in this Special Issue include:

Introduction: Writing the Presidency
Stephanie Li and Gordon Hutner

Profiles in Courage, JFK's Book for Boys
John Michael

The Primary Colors of American Politics
John M. Murphy

"America's Exhibit A": Hillary Rodham Clinton's Living History and the Genres of Authenticity
Sidonie Smith

Commentary: Do the Write Thing: Politics, Prose, and the Presidency
Glenn C. Altschuler

Dana D. Nelson

The Rise of the Academic Novel
Jeffrey J. Williams

The Humanities and the National Interest
Eric J. Sundquist

What Can American Studies and Comparative Literature Learn from Each Other
Ali Behdad

Alienation Revisited
Johannes Voelz

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