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"Freedom Proclaimed": The IAAS Annual Conference

"Freedom Proclaimed" the Irish Association of American Studies Annual Conference, will take place in University of Limerick from 26 - 27 April, 2013. 

Full programme available after the jump.

University of Limerick
26-27 April 2013


Friday 26 April

Registration (Plassey House hall)
Welcome (Board Room)

Conference opened by Glucksman Professor Emeritus Tom Moylan, University of Limerick
Panel Session 1A (Board Room): Proclaiming Freedoms

Elisa Joy White, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
“It’s a Free Country” and Other Contemporary Tales of American Freedom
Neil Brooks, University of Western Ontario
“A Blanket, A Glass of Water, and Nobody But Me to Tell My Life Story:” Freedom and Necessity in The Book of Negroes
Marta Werbanowska, University of Warsaw
“All we want is make us free” – Kevin Young’s Ardency

Panel Session 1B (Wood Room): The Horrors of Freedom

Jack Fennell, University of Limerick
Huddled Masses in Wide Open Spaces: ‘Prairie Madness’ in American Horror Narratives
Dara Downey, Trinity College Dublin
Wandering Mediums and Absent Spectres in the Ghost Stories of Emma Frances Dawson
Rosemary Gallagher, NUI Galway
“Jeopardizing [the] traditional rights of freedom and independence by daring to exercise them”: The Catch-22 of Liberating Yossarian from the Liberators
Panel Session 2A (Board Room): Architects of Freedom

Jan Frohburg, University of Limerick
Of Liberty and Happiness
Miriam Fitzpatrick, Waterford Institute of Technology
A Chair to Move; the Value of Freedom of Choice to the Social Life of the City

Panel Session 2B (Wood Room): Picturing a Free World

Sasa Miletic, University of Vienna
Freedom of Speech in the American Courtroom Drama of the 1990s
Rachel Wallace, Queen’s University Belfast
On Kara Walker (TBC)

Alan Graham Memorial Lecture (Board Room)
Chaired by Prof. Margaret Harper, UL

Prof. Barbara Ladd, Emory University
Beyond the Plantation: Race and Class at the Edge of the Swamp

Panel Session 3A (Board Room): Rights to be Free

Rebecca Isaacs, University of Birmingham
A Zeal for American Democracy? Academic Freedom in the Cold War, 1947-1957
Colm Whelan, NUI Galway
The Occupy Wall Street Movement and Freedoms of the First Amendment
Serban-Dan Blidariu, West University Of Timisoara
 The Difference Between Moral Assertion and Actual Enforcement: Dred Scott’s Quest for Freedom

Panel Session 3B (Wood Room): Race, Diaspora, Identity

Angeline O’Neill, University of Notre Dame Australia
Irish American and Irish Australian Women’s Writing: an ongoing exploration of freedom and oppression
Lisa Bogert, Queen’s University Belfast
National Appetites: Transatlantic Loyalties and Food Semiotics in the Irish American Dialogue, 1909-1921
IAAS AGM 2013 (Board Room)

Irish Association for American Studies Annual General Meeting (all welcome)

Pre-Dinner Drinks (Plassey House)
Dinner and Awards Ceremony (East Room, Plassey House)

Saturday 27 April

Registration (Plassey House hall)
Panel Session 4A (Board Room): Literary Landscapes and Liberties

Michael Griffin, University of Limerick
Freneau’s American Auburn: Landscape and Liberty in Eighteenth-Century American Poetry
Joan Dargan, St Lawrence University
“Sweetest Curves” and “Magic Descents”: The Romance of the Road in Edith Wharton’s A Motor-Flight Through France
Stanley van der Ziel, St Patrick’s College
Fun and Games: The Self-Conscious Art of Netherland

Panel Session 4B (Wood Room): Constituting Freedom

Mário Alves, Portugal
Jefferson’s Paradox – Antecedents of the Emancipation Proclamation
Bryce Hal Taylor, Heidelberg University
The Unconstitutional Constitution: Re-Examining the Generational Binding of the United States Sovereign
Bart Verhoeven, University of Nottingham
Brushfires of Freedom: Robert Welch, Business Nationalism and the Founding of the John Birch Society
Panel Session 5A (Board Room): Let Freedom Ring

Bonnye E. Stuart, Winthrop University
The power of U.S. Civil Rights media images in Northern Ireland from Martin Luther King, protest signs and singing “We Shall Overcome”
Frank Austermuehl, The University of Auckland New Zealand
“We Will Redeem the Promise of America” – A Pragmatic Analysis of Allusions to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. in the Speeches of Bill Clinton
Peter G. Cornett, King’s College London
A Social Propagandist – Christopher Hitchens and the Rhetoric of Freedom

Panel Session 5B (Wood Room): After Slavery

Yianna Liatsos, University of Limerick
On Saidiya Hartman’s Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route (TBC)
Laura Sarnelli, University of Naples L’Orientale
Melancholic Freedom and Forms of Agency in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy
Parisa Vaziri, University of California, Irvine
On Jules Dassin’s Uptight! (TBC)

Plenary Session (Board Room)
Chaired by Dr Philip McGowan, QUB, IAAS Chair

Dr Peggy O’Brien, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Telling the Time with Emily Dickinson

Roundtable Session on “Emancipations” (Board Room)

Prof. Catherine Clinton, Queen’s University Belfast (Chair)
Prof. Tom Moylan, University of Limerick
Rachel Wallace, Queen’s University Belfast
Clair Sheehan, University of Limerick
Conference Closing (Board Room)

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