Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Call for Papers: Transatlantic Studies Association, 13th Annual Conference

University of Ghent, Belgium
7 - 10 July 2014

In 1814 the Treaty of Ghent was signed, bringing to an end the War of 1812 between Britainand the United States. 1914 saw the outbreak of four years of devastation with World War I.To celebrate two hundred years of peace and alliance between Britain and the United Statesand the role of Europe in bringing it about, and to mark the remembrance of the First WorldWar, the TSA will hold its first annual conference outside Britain and Ireland in the city ofGhent, Belgium.
The Association's membership has always incorporated both North America and Europe, butit is the intention with this conference to welcome in particular the input and participation ofnew members from across these regions.
Anglo-American relations were central to transatlantic affairs through the 20th century, butother nations - Canada, Germany, Italy, France, the Scandinavian countries, Poland andCentral Europe, Turkey, the Iberian countries - have also played important roles in thisperiod. Any consideration of the contemporary transatlantic region must now also include therising powers of Latin America, and the increasing interactions between them, NorthAmerica, and Europe, be they cultural, political, virtual, or economic.

Panel proposals and individual papers that fit within the following themes are welcome:1. Literature and Culture2. Economics3. International History, Security Studies and IR4. Planning, Regeneration and the Environment5. Migration and Diaspora in the Atlantic World

Please send paper proposals (a 300 word abstract and brief CV) and panel proposals to theconference email:

Deadline for panel and paper proposals: 1 March 2014

Please contact the local conference organisers for any additional information:Professor Gert Buelens Gert.Buelens@Ugent.beProfessor J Ken Kennard
For further information on the Association please visit

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