Monday, April 23, 2012

EJAS Special Issue: Wars and New Beginnings in American History

Rob Kroes and Jean Kempf, eds. “Wars and New Beginnings in American History,” special issue, European Journal of American Studies (2012).

War has been a defining moment in the history of nations and no more so than in the United States.  It gives the editors of EJAS great pleasure to present this excellent volume of essays focussed on the issue of American national rhetoric and American wars.  This volume is comprised of essays that were presented at a workshop on “Wars and New Beginnings in American History”, which took place in Dublin in 2010 at the biennial conference of the European Association for American Studies, or are invited contributions on the topic of American wars.
While these essays explore the rhetorical theme of renewal and rejuvenation they also add new insights into wartime rhetoric. This collection is well-conceived and the essays hold together in a clear, logical way, in great part due to the splendid work of the co-editors Rob Kroes and Jean Kempf. This collection clearly demonstrates the quality of the work being done by European scholars and their colleagues on the history of the United States.  The topic of war and America is, sadly, almost always current, which makes this volume particularly relevant and extremely topical.  I am sure that the readers of EJAS will enjoy this latest volume of the journal. — Jenel Virden, editor EJAS

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