Monday, April 23, 2012

Scholarships for Two Symposia at the Salzburg Global Seminar

The American Studies Network, a group of 18 American Studies Centers that operate within the framework of the European Association for American Studies (EAAS)is offering a half scholarship for a young American Studies scholar from an EAAS country to attend one of the following symposia that will take place at the Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria. Each of the two scholarships is for 325 Euro, which is one half of the symposium fee of 650 Euro. Travel expenses are not included.

American Studies Symposia at the Salzburg Global Seminar - 2012

1) Resistance and Readiness: Immigration, Nativism and the Challenge of Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the US and Europe Today - September 27-October 1, 2012 Distinguished specialists in the field will lead plenary sessions, panels and discussion groups looking at such topics as grounds for migration (push and pull factors), dichotomies between "natives" and "newcomers" and their significance in the US and Europe, identifies and distinctions between "they" and "we" as expressed in politics and in the art and literature of marginality, patterns of adaptation and integration -- and isolation, and the varied meanings of "tolerance". For more information about the program and speakers see

2) Screening America: Film and Television in the 21st Century - November 15-19, 2012 The symposium will concern itself with changes in the modern media and particularly in the film and television industries, and the ways in which film and television have reflected and engaged with America and abroad. In addition to sessions related to and the impact of films and television on individuals, sessions will explore their institutional effect on the arts, technology and politics of the US and ultimately their relation to the perception of America abroad. For more information about the program and speakers see

The ASN is sponsoring this award to acknowledge the important role played by the Salzburg Global Seminar in the establishment of American Studies in Europe since 1947, where the founding of the EAAS took place in 1954. Scholars who would like to receive the program announcement and apply for this award should send an email to Ms. Marty Gecek, Symposium Director, along with a brief cv and a personal statement about his/her interest in attending.

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